Your Ultimate Pool Store:
Seamlessly Integrated with Shopify

  • Your Logo, Your Identity on Your Domain with Shopify Integration
  • Seamlessly Linked to Bel-Aqua Products and Fulfillment Services through Shopify
  • Easily manage content, images, and brochures on thousands of items
  • Modern Website Look & Feel, Enhanced by Shopify Integration
  • Empower Your Sales: Connect with Your Customer Base
  • Effortless Website Hosting & Maintenance for Success

Features & Benefits

Fast & Scalable eCommerce websites Suitable for your pool business needs !

  • Managed Content

    With Shopify integration, you can easily manage and update your online store's content. This includes product descriptions, images, pricing, and more. The user-friendly interface allows you to make changes in real-time, ensuring that your customers always see the most accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Rich Navigation & Search

    Shopify offers robust navigation and search capabilities. Customers can easily browse through your products and find what they're looking for with advanced search filters, categories, and tags.

  • Customers & Order Management

    Streamline customer and order management by integrating Shopify. Easily track customer information, order history, and manage customer accounts, providing top-notch service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Sell Your Own Products

    Leverage the power of Shopify to sell your own products online. Set up your Shopify store to showcase and sell your unique products, reaching a wide audience and maximizing your sales potential.

  • Managed Fulfillment Services

    Utilize Shopify's fulfillment services to efficiently manage your inventory, track shipments, and optimize your supply chain. With Shopify integration, you can automate various fulfillment processes to save time and reduce errors.

  • Custom Website Design

    Create a stunning and unique online presence with custom website design integrated into Shopify. Customize the look and feel of your store to match your brand identity and stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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My Own Pool Store Pricing

The plan includes access to Bel-Aqua’s managed content via Shopify.

Choose Your Plan

Get Everything in single plan

  • Manage Products, Categories & Filters
  • Database access to over 50K Items
  • Access to Thousands of Images & Brochures
  • Automated Order Fulfillment
  • Personalized Packing & Shipping Labels
  • Sales Order Management
  • Automated Product Updates
  • And many more to know about the Shopify Integration benefits. Please contact us or free demo


$ 199 /mo

Setup Fee $499

Frequently Asked Questions

What is

MYOWNPOOLSTORE (MOPS) is an eCommerce and fulfillment solution for “brick and mortar” pool and spa professionals offered by Bel-Aqua eCommerce Solutions.

What is the advantage of using MOPS compared to other eCommerce solutions on the market?

MOPS comes with Bel-Aqua’s structured, pre-configured, content and access to Bel-Aqua’s “live” database of over 50K items – along with product images, brochure downloads and more. This enables you to take your eCommerce Store live – without worrying about content.

If I currently have a website without an eCommerce module, can MOPS integrate with it?

Yes. With MOPS complete hosted solution you can migrate all of your current website pages into a new “combined” website with eCommerce functionality. MOPS Advanced and Professional versions even come with a built-in Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to create, modify and update many of your own static website pages.

Is it possible to use MOPS as my main website instead of my current one?

Yes. Your current website, URL, Name and company identity can be kept “as is” and a link to your new customized eCommerce website can be placed on it – for fast and easy access by your customers to shop products on-line.

Do you offer custom website design, I really feel it is time for me to update my site?

Of course. Design services covering websites, logos and more are provided through Bel-Aqua eCommerce Solutions and our exclusive platform technology partner B2Sell.

Can I use MOPS eCommerce with my current merchant and payment gateway accounts?

Yes. MOPS has seamless integration with most of the popular payment gateways currently available. However, if your payment gateway is not among our list of available options, we offer custom integration as part of our suite of additional services.

How can I assure my customers that their transactions are secure?

The best way to alleviate your customers' concerns is to secure your website with a SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). When a site is secured with SSL—the standard form of encryption currently used on the Web—visitors will see a special symbol in their browser window that indicates the site is secure. Visitors can also tell that a page is secured by looking at the URL. A secure page's URL begins with the letters "HTTPS" instead of the standard "HTTP". Your customers can be rest assured with MOPS’ security protection. SSL Certificates have to purchased separately and we can install on your website.

How easy is it to setup my own products in MOPS if I buy the Professional version?

Bel-Aqua’s eCommerce Solutions Support Team can help you with the initial data creation and loading process. Up to 500 items are included as part of the website setup. First, you start by filling out a simple Excel “New Item Setup Up Sheet” with detailed item information and product structure. Once that is loaded, your items will appear and be ready for sale. Next, follow our simple naming convention for item images and upload to our MOPS server. MOPS functionality will then automatically displays resize and zoom the image associated with each item to enhance your customers shopping experience. Data Conversion from other sources and platforms: Bel-Aqua’s eCommerce Solutions technology partner B2Sell can help you with product and data setup from many formats including – PDF’s, Supplier websites and product brochures, Excel/CSV files and more. Additional fees may apply based on the number of products added and the type of work that is needed.

I use Quick Books, Do you offer integration with my accounting software/system?

Yes. We routinely assist companies with different accounting systems. Based on your specific requirements, we can integrate MOPS to your back-end system for automated product availability updates, order fulfillment and customer billing. Additional fees will apply for integration services.

Do you offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services?

Yes. Bel-Aqua’s eCommerce Solutions platform technology partner, B2Sell has an experienced Internet marketing team that specializes in SEO services designed to improve your website’s chances of being found by search engines – with high-ranking placements in well-defined searches. An expert from B2Sell will explain the services available and fee associated with these services.

What support options are available?

MOPS comprehensive support packages include unlimited e-mail support and various levels of phone support. Click on the "Sign-up” button to learn more.

What are your support times?

Our typical support hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM – 5PM EST.. Support requests after these hours will be handled via e-mail communications.

What is the timeline to complete the website?

A personalized website with your branding elements can be rolled out within 1-2 weeks. A fully customized website will typically take 2-3 weeks to develop.

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